de XL pipeline is één van de meest omstreden nieuwe grote projecten van de olielobby op de wereld. Sinds de Tar Sands in Canada ontgonnen worden is de oliepijpleiding een issue. Als u hier klikt, vindt u de promosite die belooft dat dit het veiligste project is ooit uitgevoerd voor het transport van olie. Omdat er veel protest tegen is, omdat er veel ongelukken gebeuren die in de doofpot verdwijnen en omdat de wereld niet zit te springen om dit soort oplossingen voor de energiecrisis, ben ik deze pagina begonnen op 20 april 2013. De laatste nieuwtjes plaats ik boven in de pagina, dus wil u meer weten, begin onderaan en lees naar boven. De nieuwtjes zijn gescheiden door een stippel lijn.

Waarom geen pipelines meer? kijk even naar dit filmpje, oliemorsingen sinds 1986 klik hier

9 jul 1 miljoen galon (3,7 ltr) tarsandsolie boorbijproducten (chemicalieën ) gelekt in drinkwater North Dakota. zal verder wel uit het nieuws blijven. klik hier


6 juli een artikel dat aangeeft dat Shell gewoon aan het omkopen is, zwijggeld en smeergeld betaald om toch dit omstreden project te verwezenlijken klik hier


18 juni Native American and Canadian Indigenous People declare war on the Harper administration.

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF- CUSTER and the 7th Calvary and HARPER and the Conservative Government
Despite clear and repeated warnings from the.7th Cavalry’s Crow and Arikara scouts, Major General George Custer’s arrogance, unawareness and ignorance caused him to make a fatal decision. On June 25 1876, at the Little Bighorn River, Custer and the 7th Calvary suffered the greatest military defeat in US Military history. It was an overwhelming victory for the Great Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho Nations!
Almost 138 years later, on June 17, 2014, Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative Government made the same arrogant, unaware, and ignorant decision in approving the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.
The ultimate defeat of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Harper’s Conservative Government will not be due to firearms, but rather sacred Indigenous prayers, songs and ceremonies coupled with the unprecedented, unified action of Indigenous First Nations and their Allies across Turtle Island that will not allow any proposed Tar Sands Pipelines and related Tankers to pass our Indigenous Territories.
Key Indigenous leaders and warriors that defeated Custer and 7th Calvary
Hunkpapa (Lakota): Sitting Bull, Four Horns, Crow King, Chief Gall, Black Moon, Rain-in-the- Face, Moving Robe Women, Spotted Horn Bull, Iron Hawk, One Bull, Bull Head, Chasing Eagle
Sihasapa (Blackfoot Lakota): Crawler, Kill Eagle
Minneconjou (Lakota): Chief Hump, Black Moon, Red Horse, Makes Room, Looks Up, Lame Deer, Dog-with-Horn, Dog Back Bone, White Bull, Feather Earring, Flying By
Sans Arc (Lakota): Spotted Eagle, Red Bear, Long Road, Cloud Man
Oglala (Lakota): Crazy Horse, He Dog, Kicking Bear, Flying Hawk, Chief Long Wolf, Black Elk, White Cow Bull, Running Eagle, Black Fox II
Brule (Lakota): Two Eagles, Hollow Horn Bear, Brave Bird
Two Kettles, Runs-the-Enemy
Lower Yanktonai(Dakota): Thunder Bear, Medicine Cloud, Iron Bear, Long Tree
Wahpekute (Dakota): Inkpaduta, Sounds-the-Ground-as-He-Walks, White Eagle, White Tracking Earth
Black Powder (Sioux Firearms trader): Black Powder, Johann Smidt
Northern Cheyenne: Two Moons, Wooden Leg, Old Bear, Lame White Man, American Horse, Brave Wolf, Antelope Women, Thunder Bull Big Nose, Yellow Horse, Little Shield, Horse Road, Tail Horse, Yellow Hair, Bear-Walks-on-a-Ridge, Black Hawk, Buffalo Calf Road Woman, Crooked Nose, Noisy Walking
Arapahos: Waterman, Sage, Left Hand, Yellow Eagle, Little Bird
Key Indigenous leaders, warriors and their Allies that defeated Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Conservative Government, Enbridge, Kinder-Morgan, Keystone XL and other related Tar Sands Pipelines and Projects that will be recorded in History, yet to come, are now gathering and standing together in unprecedented unified action and 138 years from now will, also, be remembered and inspire future generations, yet to come!


4 februari protestacties in de States tegen de plannen voor 247 pijpleidingen. hier is geen sprake meer van een enkeling klik hier


1 februari de sioux nation gaat georganiseerd protesteren tege de aanleg van de xl pipline door de wyoming, de dakota's en nebraska klik hier


16 november een bericht over protesten tegen de pipeline. Deze dag wordt uitgeroepen tot nationale protestdag tegen dit soort zaken en men roept op om op te komen voor he milieu klik hier


25 september protest in seatle en texas tgen de pipelines klik hier.


27 augustus het verzet is niet voor niets. ik neem niet alle artikelen op die gaan over lekkage maar deze wel klik hier


29 juli artikel over blijvend verzet tegen de Pipeline klik hier


7 juli keystone XL interessant bericht vanuit de Navajo hoek klik hier


28 juni British Columbia First Nation People protest tegen de pipeline tvb tarsand product trasportation  klik hier


26 juni president obama verklaart:  klik hier


juni 2013 lekkage pipeline, 42 ha verwoest klik hier


17 juni 2013 Deze week had ik ongeveer 6 items kunnen plaatsten over kleienere en grotere lekkages van de pipeline die de tar sands verpompen. Dit was wel een mooie, lekkage van zoutachtig water was het nieuwtje.


14 juni artikel algemeen over de xl pipeline en het verbod om verdacht rond te hangen klik hier


geplaatst 13 juni morsing pipeline, pas laat gemeld door de co klik hier


geplaatst 2 juni 2013 bericht over lekkage, volgens Exxon niets aan de hand, omwoners denken daar anders over http://www.policymic.com/articles/45577/mayflower-oil-spill-exxon-doesn-t-want-you-to-know-people-are-getting-very-very-sick


geplaatst 15 mei 2013

Read More:
Dancer Harriet Prince from Manitoba
Harriet Prince, a visitor from Manitoba dances at the Idle No More rally outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Darla Goodwin wasn’t surprised when she first heard about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

“We have ancient pictorials and scrolls that speak of a time when the women rise up,” she said. “A great snake was supposed to cross the land and poison Turtle Island, and we’re looking at that as the pipeline.”

Goodwin, an organizer for the Idle No More Vancouver and a member of the Cree First Nation, points to a prophecy, made several hundred years ago and passed down through the indigenous peoples of North America, that describes a time when a great snake will travel across the country, poisoning the land, the water and the air. There is another prophecy that references a time when one of the races would lose its way, and it would be up to the others—the women in particular—to remind the fallen nation what is means to steward the land.

She said her people were definitely not surprised when four women from Saskatchewan founded Idle No More in response to Bill C-45 and began a movement that now spans the country.

Matriarchal First Nations societies are based on traditional teachings of the moon and earth as female beings, the Mother and the Grandmother, and the 28-day cycle.

“In our culture the women are actually the leaders of our community,” Goodwin said. “The clan mothers were the ones who decided when people would move, they decided who married who, what grounds were good to hunt on.”

Goodwin’s grandfather was present for the signing of Treaty 4, but she said it was the clan mothers who decided what needed to go into that treaty.

“Traditionally, non-indigenous folks would see chiefs standing out in front, but what the people didn’t know was that those chiefs took their directions from the women.”

Now, with the Enbridge hearings taking place in BC and Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence entering her third week without food in Ontario, Goodwin said the struggles of First Nations across the country come down to one key issue: will Stephen Harper respect indigenous land rights?

One of the biggest misconceptions non-indigenous Canadians have, she said, is that Crown lands belong to the government.

“All the Crown land across Canada is owned by Aboriginal people and Canadians do not know that.” BC’s unceded Coast Salish territory, while not covered by its own treaty, is still Crown land, and by law, the federal government is required to have free, prior and informed consent from First Nations before undertaking any measure that affects the land.

“I don’t foresee Harper backpedalling whatsoever,” Goodwin said. “I know that our next stop as indigenous people is to fight him on an international scale. … And if it has to go to international court, it will. Until we lose in international court we will not stop.”

But Goodwin is quick to stress that this is not an indigenous movement. It’s not solely about a First Nations issue. It’s a labour movement and it’s a women’s movement. It’s a people’s movement in response to a human rights issue.

This was immediately apparent today at the Idle No More Vancouver rally on the steps at the Vancouver Art Gallery where First Nations leaders and youth were flanked by members of the BC Nurses’ Union, CUPE and migrant justice group No One is Illegal.

“We are wanting to educate non-indigenous people, especially seafaring people, farmers, unions, educators, that this bill affects them as well,” Goodwin said.

More than a dozen speakers took the mic this afternoon, including elders and grandmothers from nations all over the country, members of Aboriginal youth groups, dancers and drummers.

Grand Chief Phillip Stewart, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, said the failure to honour the treaties has voided them, and demanded Harper negotiate with the First Nations. He told supporters that nothing could stop the uprising of the women and their people.

“There is nothing that will stop these prophecies from being fulfilled,” he said. “There is not death. Just a change of worlds.”

Kelly White, Idle No More organizer and a member of the Squamish First Nation, said that by rights, Harper should no longer be in power at all.

“We’re going for impeachment,” she said. “Actually, by law the house should impeach him, but the house remains silent.”

She echoed Goodwin’s sentiments that Bill C-45 is an affront to all Canadians, indigenous or not. “The Harper government just impeached the voices of the unions and First Nations because there was no outreach to the public,” she continued. “He just passed bills without even the protocol in the house for members of parliament to represent their constituents.”

One of the last speakers of the day was Crystal Molina Smith, a poet and a member of the Gitga’at Nation of Hartley Bay. With her 10-month-old son strapped to her chest, she read a poem about becoming a casualty of Enbridge oil and told the crowd she began writing poems when she was 15 to express her anger at the government.

“In the past, our ancestors lived in a good way,” she said, her voice quiet but firm. “I want to look to the future on a positive note, but Enbridge, if they get their way, there will be no positive future.”


To learn more about the dramatic story of the proposed Northern Gateway Enbridge pipeline and First Nations' resistance to it,  read Vancouver Observer's in-depth book, "Extract".

Get it on Amazon here: https://www.createspace.com/4062575


geplaatst 17 april 2013

conservatief man gaat over. Hij dacht dat milieulobbies overdreven maar heeft aan den lijve ondervonden dat we in de problemen zitten puur door winstbejag van privé corporaties die uit zijn op winst en de regeringen in hun zak hebben. you tube filmpje met intervieuw van 10 minuten klik hier


geplaatst 21 april 2013

bijna 1.000.000 handtekeningen, nog twee dagen klik hier 


geplaatst 21 april 2013

Oil Pipeline Bursts Into Yellowstone River

Alexis Bonogofsky/National Wildlife Foundation

The National Wildlife Foundation's Alexis Bonogofsky lives on the Yellowstone River and has a farm there. When the ExxonMobil oil pipeline below the Yellowstone River burst late Friday night leaking oil into the river and contaminating the local waterway, her farmland was contaminated with oil from the spill. Exxon officials told Alexis that she should not document the effects the spill has on her property and that she should stay from the oil "just to be safe." They told her "off the record" that she should move her livestock away from the parts of the farm affected by the spill. 

She wrote about her experience on Sunday morning: 

I walked down to our bottom pasture because the River was supposed to flood and I wanted to see if it had come over its banks. Sure enough, there was about 2 feet of water in the pasture. I got this overwhelming smell of hydrocarbons (very distinct smell especially around here because there are 3 refineries). I checked our local paper and saw that a pipeline had ruptured. Even though this had been going on for over 7 hours, and we are right on the River, we received no call, no warning...nothing. I had to find out about it by seeing it in our pastures. Apparently they evacuated people further up stream that were closer to the pipeline.

The plume of oil is about 25 miles (40 kilometres) long. 140 people were evacuated from their homes because of the spill. The oil was discovered around 11:30 pm Friday and the pipe was shut off by midnight. 

About 750 to 1, 000 barrels of oil leaked into the river over half an hour before the pipeline was shut down on Saturday according to Pam Malek, an ExxonMobil spokeswoman. Other Exxon officials have been quoted saying  up to 42, 000 gallons of oil leaked into the river. About 120 miles of the waterway in Billings, Montana is being considered contaminated. The oil flowed easily along the river because of flood conditions expected this weekend. 

Exxon has called in its Global Response Team, an emergency cleanup crew, out of Houston to direct the clean up efforts, according to the Billings Gazette. They have also contacted about 100 contractors out of Washington to come in and help. Montana's state government is going to monitor Exxon throughout the cleaning process. Crews from local refineries spent parts of Friday night and all day Saturday working to clean up. 

Bonogofsky said she could see, "birds trying to take off that couldn’t because of oil on their wings, I saw a spiny soft shell turtle dive into a glob of oil." 



geplaatst 23 april 2013

Over 1 million Americans -- including over 200,000 CREDO Action members -- are saying NO! to the Keystone XL pipeline.   If you oppose Keystone XL -- and especially if one of these million comments was yours -- SHARE this image.
Over 1 million Americans -- including over 200,000 CREDO Action members -- are saying NO! to the Keystone XL pipeline.

If you oppose Keystone XL -- and especially if one of these million comments was yours -- SHARE this image.